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The Study Catalogue entails a presentation of the university, the study programmes and the awesome life on and around campus.

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The University of Agder (UiA) is situated on the southern tip of Norway and has locations on two campuses, Kristiansand and Grimstad. The university has approximately 10 000 students and 1100 academic and administrative staff members. It is one of the newest universities in Norway, but its history goes back to 1839.


"Studier på Sørlandet" is UiA's largest publication. It consists of over 140 pages and gets published once a year in ~25 000 copies and distributed all over the country targeting High School graduates.

This is probably the most comprehensive project I've been involved in. Back then I didn't have a lot of real experience with graphic design, I had just done a couple of minor print productions while working part-time. I was offered the role as lead designer for this huge production after proving that I was a quick learner and had passion for design.

The production went on for ~2 1/2 months. During that time I worked closely in a team with content producers and copywriters, and of course the editor. I learned a lot about visual design, typography, project management and team work. I remember it as a terrific time where I grew a lot personally and professionally.

My role
Lead Designer


  • Kristian Folkman (Editor)
  • Øyvind Andreas Strømme (Interviews)
  • Tone Øverland (Interviews)
  • Siri Asdal (Interviews)
  • Atle Slotnes (Interviews)
  • + a bunch of other uncredited great employees at the university

2013 was most likely the final year of this print design production. From now on UiA will go all digital.

Methodology and Technology

  • Iterative
  • Editorial Meetings
  • Strategy Meetings
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop + Camera Raw
  • Illustrator
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