Disclaimer: This project is only conceptual.

Screenshot of Instaroom splash screen


iOS App for Room Reservations

Instaroom is a quick way of finding a group room at the university

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app


Browse through available group rooms and book your room instantly.

No available rooms? Turn on a notification to get first in line.


Choose Between List View or Grid View

List view is best for rapid browsing. Grid view for those who want to see what the room looks like.

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app


Swipe back and forth between the rooms, find one you like and book it instantly.


Connect with Other Students

You're probably not the only one reading about American politics or Industrial Design.

Instaroom can help you create invitations for others to come join you and discuss the topic you're reading up on.

Connect with Facebook to see profile pictures of your new friends.

This is also a great feature to prevent students from occupying rooms with unused seats.

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app


Swipe away topics you don't care much for. This way Instaroom can adapt to your interests and provide better suggestions of topics for you to join.


Use Your Student Card to Check In to the Room

Use your student card to check in when arriving at the reserved room. You're most likely carrying it with you anyways.

Besides, it makes the check-in more secure and connected to your student account. So if you've been a bad boy or girl the admins will know! Mohahaha!

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app


Know exactly when the reservation expires.

Chat sick? Create a new discussion here!

The app will automatically check you out when it's time. Leaving early? Use the check out button.

Need more time? Sure, renew the reservation - if there's nobody in line.

Screenshot of Instaroom iOS app


This project was originally part of the course INF4060 Interaction Design at the University of Oslo fall 2012.

In an attempt to solve a very common everyday issue at the university and at the same time make something novel and never beforeseen, we designed an iOS app to democratize the way students use group rooms.

Our research (surveys, workshops, focus groups and usability testing) and high fidelity prototypes were very much appreciated among the staff, students and other stakeholders. In the aftermath our group was asked to complete the iOS application and implement it at the University of Oslo Science Library during spring 2013. I didn't have time to join, but two of the other group members did. As far as I know the Science Library is still working on the app.

At the end of the semester the Institute of Informatics arranged the Gemini UX Best Student Project Award. Our project came 4th despite our video demonstration of the prototype failed big time due to technical problems. Unless we would've won, of course. A total of 19 groups participated in the awards.

Original contributors:

  • Andreas Bergli Sætre
  • Evy Litovchenco
  • Rebekka Bjørneberg Castro
  • Siripong Jongsathitsathian


To practice visual design, and interaction design for mobile I have redesigned the app from top to toe. I've taken the liberty to rethink existing and introduce new concepts and features that I believe will improve the user experience. Most of the human-computer interaction are totally redesigned. The original design was characterized as unfinished and inconsistent, mostly because of time limitations - we prioritized functionality over beauty. The redesigned version presented on this page are pixel perfect, flat and modern.

Methodology and Technology

  • User-Centered Design
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Workshops
  • Expert Evaluations
  • Usability Testing
  • Paper Sketching
  • Mocks (prototype tool)
  • Xcode
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

The work presented on this web page are based on original work part of the course INF4060 Interaction Design at the University of Oslo fall 2012. Design mocks, concept and features presented in this project on this web page are only conceptual. The name "Instaroom" is fictional, it's not copyrighted, and is not to be associated with the University of Oslo or the University of Oslo Library.

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