Get Ready for Smarter Classifieds!

Start creating your ads by entering some basic information. You'll be amazed about what's happening next.

Screenshot of summer project mobile website

Screenshot of summer project mobile website


and smart Image Recognition

Just by typing a short ad title you'll get a bunch of relevant tags. Just tap to add them.

Upload a couple of pictures and you'll get even more awesome tags you can use to build a great ad. It's called image recognition.

The system will learn and become smarter everytime someone creates and searches for ads.


A Better Search Experience

Every new search starts with a selection of currently most popular tags. Different from season to season. The users control what's hot or not.

Quickly refine your search by using the range slider for tags with numeric sub values

Screenshot of summer project mobile website


But Not That Smart

On it's journey to become the oracle, the system sometimes needs your help.

Turn down search results you don't like or don't need by swiping them away. The system will remember it 'till next time.

Screenshot of summer project mobile website


Say Hello to Social Classifieds!

Every single tag is made available as a chat room.
Ask questions. Grow your passion. Share it.

Imagine the diversity!

Screenshot of summer project mobile website


Jump Between Discussion and Exploration

Ads related to the theme you're talking about are always easy accessible.

Screenshot of summer project mobile website


It Happens Here!

Browse through hundreds of thousands of tags made by other users. Start or join discussions. You no longer need to visit external websites looking for answers. The discussion happens here.

Screenshot of summer project mobile website


~85% Traffic from Mobile

A fully responsive layout to ensure happiness among everyone.

Image of Responsive Web Design Layout

ABOUT is Norway's leading online marketplace and was founded in 2000, and has specialized in C2C online sales. In 2012 there were published over 4 million classifieds on alone. is one of Norway's most popular places to work and has won several awards from the Great Place to Work Institute.


This project was carried out at during a 8 week summer internship in 2013.

I worked in a team consisting of six developers and one designer (that's me). Our mission was to innovate, design and develop a functional prototype for mobile. We introduced machine learning and social interaction between users to make online classifieds smarter, more fun, social and alive.

We put a lot of effort into a new search experience. Currently's search experience is based on text search and categories. And there are a lot of categories. It's the classical paradox of choice.

Our approach on this challenge was something we called Smart Tags. Smart Tags are user-generated keywords that you can use to refine your search. The reason why they're so smart is because sub values can be added to them, e.g. numbers, colors, entities etc. An enormous library of tags operated by awesome machine learning algorithms made sure that users were provided the best possible and most relevant tags. And since the system analyses what people are searching for we can make a great seasonal experience by featuring popular tags. This way you'll probably find what you're looking for even faster and in a more fun way.

We also redesigned the experience of creating ads. We implemented our Smart Tags technology here as well. In addition we added image recognition to the equation. By uploading a couple of pictures to use in your ad the system can read what's in the picture and further provide relevant tags. For instance, say you're uploading a picture of a video game console. By using image recognition technology by Google we can possibly tell the brand, model and color automatically. Pretty cool huh?

We wanted to make online classifieds social and invite the users to shape We figured it was a cool idea to turn every single Smart Tag into a chat room. A space where people can grow their passion, talk and explore. Practically this could solve the issue of people seeking external websites for information they can't find in the ads.

We were very proud of our endeavour to rediscover online classifieds. August 9 2013 we presented our prototype in front of nearly all the employees at The reception was exclusively positive and the CEO was also very pleased with the result.

Original contributors:

  • Anders Olsen Sandvik
  • Arnfinn Refshal Gjørvad
  • Eirik Sletteberg
  • Johanne Håøy Horn
  • Magnus Solheim Thrap
  • Omar Farooq Ilyas


Due to time limitations in this project we chose to use's tech stack including design guidelines and internal bootstrap. In the aftermath there were some things that I thought we could've done differently. To practise visual design, interaction design, design for mobile and reponsiveness, I've spent some time to redesign the entire visuals of the system. I've also made a responsive layout for some of the screens.

Methodology and Technology

  • User-Centered Design
  • Workshops
  • Usability Testing (Lab and Gonzo)
  • Scrum
  • Lean Startup
  • Expert Evaluation
  • Paper Sketching
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Git
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java

The work presented on this web page is based on the original work made during's summer internship of 2013. The redesigned version presented on this web page is not work made in collaboration with

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